The Accademia Italiana and its students award famous designers with the Pyramid of Excellence

The Pyramid of Excellence (art, fashion and design)

The awards proposed in the varied fields of art and design are often dedicated to those who have arrived at important results in their specific area or juries that award a given project or work of art.

The “Pyramid” of the Accademia Italiana is something different: first of all it is not a true “prize” but rather a recognition dedicated to the strength of creative labor, to those who define “excellence” in their field.

The other particularity is the fact that this award is dedicated to the “masters” by the students of the Accademia Italiana, thus creating a bridge between the young designers and those already consecrated for their indisputable merits.

Over the years the “Pyramid” has become a prestigious symbol of the interaction between the youthful enthusiasm of the young generations and the talent and experience of the great artists and designers.

It is not by chance that from these encounters important friendships and collaborative relations have been born.

Thus it has often happened, for example, that those awarded have been guests of the Accademia Italiana for conferences, seminars, workshops or have created new projects together with the Institute.

The “Pyramid of Excellence” is a sculpture designed by Set Designer Gianni Quaranta, inspired by the logo of the Accademia Italiana.

The “Pyramids” over the years, have been dedicated to illustrious celebrities who have contributed to the evolution in the fields of art, fashion, architecture and product design, photography and visual communications. These are celebrities who, with their talent have left important and recognizable marks along their paths. Among those receiving this award we cite (in chronological order):

Ernesto Gismondi
(President, Artemide, Lighting - design)
Patrizia Bambi
(Patrizia Pepe, Fashion Design )
Renato Balestra
(High Fashion)
Jamal Taslaq
(Fashion design)
Giampaolo Camporese
(Fashion design)
Mustafa Sabbagh
Consorzio promo vetro di Murano
(Product designer)
Silvano Campeggi
(graphic design)
Maurizio Galimberti
Franco Zeffirelli
(Film and theater director, Set and Costume design)
Carla Fracci
(Performing arts, ballet)
Anna Anni
(Costume design)
Gabriella Pescucci
(Costume design)
Ermanno Scervino
(Fashion design)
Oliviero Toscani
(Photographer, graphic design, visual communications)
Vivienne Westwood
(Fashion design)
Eva Cavalli
(Fashion design: company development)
Riccardo Dalisi
(Art and design, research in product design)
Carla Fendi
(Fashion design: company development)
Ottavio e Rosita Missoni
(Fashion design, research in knitwear design)
Alberto Alessi
(Product design: company development)
Alessandro Mendini
(Architecture, furniture design, product design)
Andrea Branzi
(Research activities: product design)
James Ivory
(Film director)
John Richmond
(Fashion designer)
Saverio Moschillo
(Italian Association of Fashion vice President)
Giuseppe Zanotti
(Footwear designer)
Franco Penè
(Fashion entrepreneur)
Denis Santachiara
Product designer)
Andrea Panconesi
(Talent and trend scout, e-commerce entrepreneur)
Elio Fiorucci
(Fashion Designer)
Evelyn Swarovski
(Swarovski, Jewellery Design and Product Design)
Maison Mila Schön
(Fashion Design)
Momo Design
(Design of Hi-tech Products)
Maurizio Millenotti
(Costume Design for Theater and Cinema)
Michelangelo Pistoletto
(Internationally famous artist)
Anna Molinari
(Fashion designer)
La Perla
(Fashion design: underwear)
Emilio Cavallini
(Fashion designer)
Poltrona Frau
(Interior design)
Francesca Lavazza
(Art of Photography)
Bottega Veneta
(Luxury accessories for fashion)
Franca Sozzani
(Vogue Italia – Fashion 4 Development)
Sudhitham Chirathivat
(Department Stores –Central Group – La Rinascente)
Michel Adam – Fashion TV
(Media and Communication)
(Product Design)
Brunello Cucinelli
(Fashion Design – Knitwear)
Maison Gattinoni – Guillermo Mariotto
(Haute Couture)