Analysis of the qualitative standards applicable to courses of Fashion Design, Interior and Product Design, Graphic Design and Photography

The best schools of Design in Europe and in Italy


Certainly design courses make up an area in which the academic offerings by art schools in Italy and in Europe are particularly varied and unclear.
For this reason consideration is necessary concerning the standards of quality of the teaching proposed and of the levels of learning acquired through adequate monitoring and analysis of these activities.

A design school should have clear objectives and concrete goals concerning the outcomes of their courses.
For this reason a design school like the Accademia Italiana, leader in training in artistic disciplines (among them: fashion, industrial design, interior design, graphic design, photography and textile design) has approved a formative program in which the bachelor’s degree in design must respond to precise objectives established on the basis of input from the industrial and productive sectors involved. It is thus that a design school becomes an incubator of projects that are possible at a national and international level.

In Italy, in Europe and in the world the objectives briefly listed here should be:
- to create responsible young designers able to continue their professional growth within the industry upon leaving the design school, where they will demonstrate that they have the necessary instruments to undertake the role of designer;
- offer competence and practical knowledge of advanced technologies, of the commercial and cultural realities so that the future designers may direct their creativity in the proper direction and using the proper instruments;
- give the young designer personal capabilities, in particularly in reference to the areas of communication, self-management, problem-solving, time-management;
- develop independent thinking and a strong analytical ability to apply in the resolution of design problems, demonstrating thus the ability to manage the creative processes with determination;

- give the young designer the necessary knowledge that will allow them to refer to the acquisition of solid professional bases, thus allowing them to discuss and defend their ideas in a professional setting;
- develop in the young designer the ability to foresee the entire life-cycle of the product, whether this involves fashion or industrial design.

The Accademia Italiana, school or art, fashion and design, through its theoretical and practical studies has put together an integrated program directed at the study of the artistic and design disciplines (fashion, interior and product design, textile design, window displays design, graphic design, photography).

This program, following numerous forms of checks and balances including rigorous control on a European level, has demonstrated that it ranks among the best design schools in Italy and in Europe for its ability to produce results that may be concretely evaluated in the design field where these results have been verified. This verification has underlined the ability to match the creativity, often emphasized in design schools together with the commercialization of the product in the marketplace and semantic elaborations that draw the consumer to the product in promotional periods.

Through its courses the Accademia Italiana covers the role of path finder, generating ideas that are often shared with other European and international Institutions, universities and schools of art and design.

The various departments of the Institute have been in various occasions promoters of research projects on a European level, creating new formative programs put into place for the benefit of design schools operating in Europe.