Choosing the School of Fashion, Design, Photography and Graphics in Italy

Choosing the Design School

Choosing the best school of design in Italy and in Europe is certainly the desire of anyone who faces the varied formative choice, a difficult and often confusing array of offers. It is, in fact, often a problem to evaluate the real value of the academic programs, in terms of teaching and services offered to the students.

The best design schools should be evaluated on the basis of the institutional context, its structures, the interaction between the disciplines, the academic experience that it is able to offer, evaluated as a whole.

The best schools of design should assume the role of “container” of activities, they should be a place of encounters, of the exchange of ideas, of confrontation between different artistic and professional experiences.

The best design schools are those that maintain steady contacts with the industry and dedicate great attention to innovation and research.

The Accademia Italiana, a design school that began its activities in Florence in 1984 and was the first Florentine school of design to operate on an international level, has always dedicated, through its courses, its workshops and its research projects, great attention to the dynamic development of the teaching programs and to the placement of its students into the working world, always with excellent results.

For this reason many consider the Accademia Italiana the best school of fashion and design in Italy and in Europe.
Many have been the complimentary and flattering comments about the school from a long list of great designers and famous people (see the list of comments on this site).

To this is added the possibility of obtaining an important diploma, the bachelor’s degree awarded by the Nottingham Trent University , one of the best European universities.

The bachelor of art, which is awarded together with the diploma of the Accademia Italiana is a key towards entering the working world.

The courses of design, fashion, art and photography offered in Florence and in Rome are to be considered among the most qualified and their level is recognized on an international level.

Among the various opportunities of study proposed by the school are the exchange programs with foreign universities, a further opportunity in which to increase one’s experience in an international context.

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