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Study abroad in italy

Study abroad in Italy at the Accademia Italiana

study abroad in Florencestudy abroad in Italy

Study Abroad in Italy

Students currently enrolled in US universities may attend one or more semesters abroad at the Accademia Italiana, Florence and/or Rome campus, for college credit.
The Accademia Italiana offers the possibility to choose from courses in the School of Design or from the Department of Liberal Arts, or create a combination from both.

Study abroad in Italy at the Accademia Italiana

An academic experience in Florence and Rome

The Accademia Italiana, through its study abroad programs has been host in the past twenty years to students coming from more than 200 US universities.

These students have had the opportunity to attend one or more semesters at the Florence and/or the Rome campus.
During their period of study abroad these American students share their academic experience with Italian and other international students who regularly attend the Accademia Italiana, where nearly 50% of the student body is Italian.

The courses offered by the study abroad department are held in English language or are bi-lingual (Italian and English). The liberal arts department also offers Italian language courses at all levels.

The programs “study in Italy” offered by the Accademia Italiana are considered among the best offered at an international school present in Italy in terms of academic quality and student services.

Study abroad in italy