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Health Insurance

Study in Italy According to Italian law, each American student studying abroad in Italy must have adequate overseas medical insurance coverage during his/her entire stay in Italy. The Italian medical system is different than that of the U.S. and overseas medical insurance is necessary to ensure that you will receive proper care should you become ill while overseas. To enforce this legislation, U.S. students must show proof of coverage before obtaining a student visa at an Italian consulate office in the U.S. and again in order to obtain a “Permission to Stay” permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) from the Italian police (Questura) upon arrival in Italy as required of all foreigners staying in Italy for an extended period of time. Accademia Italiana staff will assist students with securing the Permesso di Soggiorno, but students are responsible for securing adequate overseas medical insurance prior to their arrival in Italy.

Some students may have overseas coverage built into their current health plan through his/her home institution. Students who do not have overseas coverage will have to purchase overseas insurance through a reputable carrier.

Accademia Italiana suggests that students begin the process with the following steps:

  1. First, stop by your home university’s study abroad office and ask an advisor if the medical insurance you’re provided as a student at your university will cover you while you are overseas. If the answer is “yes”, request to be directed to the specific plan information and for the insurance company to provide the necessary documentation to obtain your visa.
  2. If the answer is “no”, you will have to purchase temporary overseas medical insurance from a reputable carrier. You can find a list of some popular carriers at ( marketplace/insurance.html). Accademia Italiana is not contracted with any particular carrier. Note that it is important for you to begin researching insurance options early on and no later than your acceptance into the program as you cannot apply for a visa until you have proof of adequate overseas insurance coverage.