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Program Health and Safety

Program Health and Safety Student health and safety is the Accademia Italiana’s first priority. Following recent world events, it is understandable for students and parents to express concern about risks related to international travel. While no organization or institution can guarantee the safety of participants, the risks can be significantly reduced if program staff, students, parents, and advisors at the host and home institutions all work together.

Responding to Crises
The Accademia Italiana has over twenty-five years of experience facilitating safe and healthy overseas experiences for students. The Accademia Italiana’s staff in Italy are in daily communication with the U.S. staff so that we can best respond to student health and safety needs. Staff monitor world events via notices from various sources, including: the U.S. State Department and various media outlets. The Accademia conducts regular evaluations of health and safety conditions for its programs and maintains emergency preparedness processes and a crisis response plan for a breadth of situations.

During the on-site orientation program prior to each term, Accademia Italiana staff provide students with detailed information related to safety while in Italy as well important resources including locations of near-by police stations and a U.S. embassy or consulate as well as the 24/7 emergency contact information of Accademia on-site staff members.

Medical Resources
The Accademia Italiana staff are prepared to assist students with any physical, mental or emotional health needs while studying in Italy. AI staff have a list of English-speaking medical professionals in a variety of specialties to which to refer students in need of medical attention, from the need for an allergist in Rome to a prescription for an antibiotic in Florence. In the case a student needs urgent care, an AI staff member will always accompany the student to the appropriate medical facility.

Special Learning Needs
The Accademia understands that some students may have special needs in the classroom. Please contact the AI’s office in the U.S. for more information about how we can accommodate individual students’ needs.

On-Site Staff
The Accademia Italiana’s schools in Florence and Rome are both staffed by multiple staff who are fluent in both Italian and English. Accademia staff in Italy and in the U.S. oversee  student advisement on overseas health and safety issues and on-site staff provide an orientation to participants upon arrival and throughout the program as needed, topics of which include information on safety and health risks and responses, and legal, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country. AI staff are committed to equipping students with information and resources so that they can make informed decisions while overseas, and to assisting students during a time of need.

Many aspects of students’ overseas experiences are beyond our control. The Accademia Italiana cannot guarantee the safety or security of program participants or eliminate all risks from the study abroad experience, nor can we be held responsible for monitoring all of the daily personal decisions and behaviors of AI participants or individuals not affiliated with AI. Accademia Italiana staff in Italy have the right to require the removal of an individual from an overseas program, taking into account participant behavior, health, and safety factors.