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The Accademia Italiana offers the opportunity to Study Abroad in Italy in Florence and in Rome, to US university students interested in attending one semester or one year in Italy at an accredited program. A long list of relevant Liberal Arts and Studio Arts courses are available in English language at both centers that cover important aspects of Italian history and culture.

Study Abroad programs in Florence and Rome may also involve enrollment in one or more of the art and design courses offered by the Accademia Italiana at each campus. (Please see the catalog for detailed information concerning design courses and eventual prerequisites). Italian language courses are also offered at both campuses, at all levels.

Participation in these Study Abroad in Italy programs allows for the unique possibility for US university students to live and study together with students coming from all over Italy and all over the world, as both campuses boast an Italian and international student body.

Each academic semester begins with an orientation period in which the students are introduced to the school as well as to the exciting Italian city they have chosen. The Accademia Italiana Study Abroad in Italy programs include a series of trips and excursions where students will visit important Italian cities such as Venice, Naples, Pompeii, Siena and others. The Accademia Italiana offers a housing service placing students with other US or international students in private apartments not far from campus.

The Accademia Italiana, an internationally famous design school in Florence and in Rome, hosts students from hundreds of US universities who receive academic credits for studies in liberal arts, business, design, studio arts, Italian language and culture.

Students attending the AI study abroad programs are immersed in an international environment where they live and study with students from all over Italy and all over the world.

A wide variety of liberal arts and studio arts courses taught in English language are offered together with a vast assortment of design courses at all levels.

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