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Fashion Design - Intensive Summer course

This is an intensive course (90 hours in one month) which the student may attend for one or two months (June and July).
This course covers this subject in a concise manner while being structured in a way that offers a significant and complete experience.

Introducing the student to the knowledge of the fashion world, various subjects that are fundamental for the design are covered: fashion illustration, elements of collection, color techniques.
The course is completed by seminars, visits and encounters pertinent to the arguments covered.

During the lessons the student will be introduced to the study of the human figure with its relative movements and positions, and is encouraged to develop his or her own personal graphic style.
Ample space is dedicated to the design of clothing for menswear and woman's wear following various styles and trends, and to the study of color techniques, various graphic and painting methods.
An introduction to design and to the profession of fashion designer are offered during the hours of "elements of collection" where the student, guided by a fashion designer, develops ideas to create fashion collections.

During the guided visits there will be the possibility to encounter experts in the field, in fairs, exhibitions and museums. There will be a direct contact with the fashion world.

At the end of the course a certificate of participation is awarded.
The Accademia Italiana also offers complete 3-year bachelor's degree programs in Fashion Design.

Level: basic / intermediate
Duration: 1 or 2 months
Period: June / July


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