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Italian language and culture

The Accademia Italiana is an international school with students coming from all over the globe. This is why it created a top level Department of Italian Language and Culture, whose activities include summer courses in both Florence and Rome.

In the months of June, July, and August, this Department offers a variety of courses in Italian language and culture, aimed at students with different levels of competence in the subject.

Each month is devoted to a different level and includes 80 hours of teaching. Additionally, it is possible to attend less intensive summer courses (40 hours monthly) and even individual, one-to-one tailor made lessons.

A placement test determines whether the student should attend the beginners', intermediate or advanced class.

Regardless of the level, each course includes the following activities:

- an approach to written texts in Italian;

- conversation;

- use of audio-visual aids;

- viewing of films in Italian language followed by discussions.

There are also a number of leisure and cultural activities, which foreign students are encouraged to share with their Italian colleagues.

Please follow this link to the enrollment form for the Accademia Italiana Summer Courses

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