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Summer Photography School

This summer photography course is directed at beginners, and is held in the month of July.
The course includes 40 lesson hours and aims at teaching the basic techniques relative to the use of the camera together with the knowledge of photography as a visual art.
Lessons will discuss both the analysis of the image and photography.

This course will cover:
- introduction to the basic techniques of developing and printing in black and white;
- aesthetic and creative aspects such as the choice of the subject, composition and lighting.

This course will also include different aspects of photography such as:
- portraits;
- people;
- urban landscapes;
- still life.

An integral part of the course will be practical work in the photographic studio and in the dark room.

To participate in this course the student must have his or her own digital camera.

Level: basic course
Duration: 1 month
Period: July

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