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Special news for all Swedish students

1. Swedish students attending bachelor’s degree programs at the Accademia Italiana are elegible for CSN loans. For further information please contact CSN directly:

2. Swedish students interested in attending the programs of Fashion Design, Interior and Product Design, Graphic Design and Costume Design at the Accademia Italiana may obtain information and enroll directly at the IBS office in Sweden:

Hanna Isacson
Program Director
International Business School
Kyrkogatan 48
411 25 Goteborg, Sweden
Phone: (+46) 31-680-400
Information and enrollment for all other courses may be found at the secretary’s office at the Accademia Italiana (to request a catalog:

3. Special offer for Swedish students!!! All Swedish students who enroll in one of the IBS design programs before March 31, 2013 will receive a complimentary round-trip flight ticket to attend the year-end fashion show and design exhibition in Florence on April 20, 2013. Contact Hanna at IBS for further information.

Všlkommen till Accademia Italiana!


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