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The Accademia Italiana collaborates with many US universities offering study abroad programs in Italy (Florence and Rome) with courses at all levels in the fields of art and design, as well as many liberal arts courses (literature, history, art history, business, Italian language).

It is possible to enroll in the 3-year bachelorís degree programs or the one-year masters programs or participate in semester or year abroad programs at either the Florence or the Rome campus.

For further information please contact:

Accademia Italiana - Florence
Piazza Pitti, 15
50125 Florence (Italy)
Tel. +39-
Email to Accademia Italiana in Florence

Accademia Italiana - Rome
Piazza della Radio, 46
00146 Roma (Italy)
Tel. +39-06.6880.9333
Email to Accademia Italiana in Rome

Or contact:
Barbara McHugh, Director of Operations
Tamara Mihalap, US Representative

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