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To all the Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Jewellery Design, Photography, Windows Display and Art students

A greeting from the President

My greetings and good wishes to all the students and professors involved in the various sectors of design, fashion, photography and the applied arts, to which the Accademia Italiana is a point of reference for many, and for all of those who have always followed us.


This year I think we can, as we have always been able to, proudly contribute to the development of innovative new projects.
The Accademia Italiana will celebrate its 30th year crowned with success and satisfaction.
From the beginning of the 1980's onwards, we have always been alongside the young generation of designers and we have always cultivated this passion which is at the base of our success. We have transmitted this passion to thousands of enthusiastic youngsters, absolutely convinced that our mission is that to create a big talent school. Talents that can be expressed in various creative areas, from the design of objects to the design of interiors; from fashion design to window display design; from photography to graphics, from Jewellery design to furniture design.

Well, I could now expand in depth on those one hundred new projects that are underway that will absorb our energies in the future months, but I will stop here, in order to leave space for future news, concluding with a simple yet fervent wish directed to the new academic year just started.

Happy Birthday, Accademia Italiana!

Vincenzo Giubba
Presidente, Accademia Italiana

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