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Fashion Design

The Fashion Design program is a three-year bachelor's degree course. The Accademia Italiana offers three options for attending this program: first level diploma course recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR: Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, D.L. n. 76 del 04/02/2013), international bachelor's degree program (degree awarded by Nottingham Trent University - UK). The Accademia Italiana also offers the possibility of attending an integrated program of studies allowing students to earn both academic titles (first level academic diploma recognized by MIUR and UK Bachelor's Degree). Students who complete the program can request direct admission into the Master's program in Fashion as Art at Accademia Italiana in Florence.

Course dates:

- First level diploma course recognized by MIUR: October 23
- Internatioal bachelor's degree program: October 23
- Integrated program: October 23

The Rome school proposes this course of study that derives its experience from academic programs developed in nearly thirty years of activities. Students in the Fashion Design program are stimulated to apply their creativity to projects developed for both the industrial and high fashion sectors. They will learn the secrets of the trade while at the same time strengthening their cultural foundation so that they will be prepared to enter the world of fashion with solid practical and theoretical knowledge. To this effect, the collections produced by students will be examined from a technical-creative perspective and analyzed with a marketing outlook.

A fashion designer must be able to pick up the signals of changes in taste to be able to continuously anticipate new trends. For this reason continual confrontation with the public and market sector is a must. During their third year, in fact, students will have the opportunity to present their collections to a specialized public. Accademia Italiana's fashion shows are international events attended by well-established industry professionals, the press and the media. As such they are a perfect launch for a young designer's career.

During the program there are many occasions for contact with industry experts and designers. Important designers are often invited to the school for meetings and conferences. These special opportunities create a lively and engaging environment at the school.

Among the various academic possibilities, students have the option to take some of their courses in other cities (at our school in Florence or overseas), allowing them to develop a dynamic and global approach to their subject. The Accademia Italiana is, in fact, an international school where creativity exists without borders.


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List of (indicative) principle subjects taught in the "Fashion Design"

Contemporary Art History
Design Methodology
Textiles and Materials
Computer Graphics for Fashion Design
Pattern Design
Fashion Design
Figure Drawing
History of Fashion
Contemporary Visual Arts
Costume Design
Accessories Design
Textile Design
Foundations of Marketing

Other fashion school activities

Participation in fairs, exhibitions, fashion shows
Participation in contests (individually or in groups)
Workshops and seminars
Guided tours and visits
Practical work experience in industries (according to requests and availability)
Encounters with experts
Guided tours of museums and exhibitions
Cultural and learning trips



Course duration

Three years (6 academic semesters)

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