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Italian language courses

The Accademia Italiana offers 3 different levels of Italian language courses year-round for foreign students:
- Basic level
- Intermediate level
- Advanced level

Each level is covered in one month of lessons. Each month students can attend courses for 80 hours (type A) or for 40 hours (type B).
This kind of program is strongly recommended to those foreign students who wish to go on to attend the academic programs at the Rome campus or at the Florence campus.

The level of knowledge of the Italian language is evaluated by a placement test that will determine the level of placement.

The basic level course of Italian language allows for an elementary approach for those with no previous knowledge which will take the student to an understanding of the principle linguistic structures.

The intermediate level of Italian language will concentrate on an enrichment of the vocabulary, the grammar and improving the pronunciation.

In the advanced level of Italian language particular attention is given to written composition and the use of the language in specific situations.




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