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Funding Study Abroad

Funding Study Abroad Many students’ biggest concerns when considering whether or not to study abroad is the same: How will I pay for this? While this is a very real and legitimate apprehension, with a little research, many students are able to obtain the funding they need in order to study abroad. To help you begin this process, we’ve compiled helpful tips and links to financial resources.

Most students who require financial assistance in order to study abroad obtain it from their home institutions. AI strongly encourages students’ first step to be to schedule a meeting with their study abroad advisor to learn more about eligibility requirements and next steps for receiving financial aid. Please note that your study abroad advisor is typically different from your academic advisor. Most colleges and universities will have a study abroad, international studies or off-campus studies office from which students may seek advice. 

General Scholarships and Grants

There are hosts of scholarships and grants available for studying abroad. Below is a list of resources to get you started.

Financial Aid Information Page is a free resource on financial aid and lists information about aid and advice about finding aid, with a special section for financial aid for study abroad.

University of Minnesota offers helpful and specific funding resources:

National Security Education Program provides funding for study in areas and languages important to the future security of the U.S.:

NSEP Boren Graduate Fellowships fund graduate study in those languages and cultures critical to U.S. interests:

National Flagship Fellowship Program, administered through IIE, is intended to encourage the development of specialists in languages critical to U.S. security interests:  

Rotary International sponsors a variety of funding programs for study and teaching abroad as a part of its goal to foster international understanding and cooperation: TheRotaryFoundation/ Pages/ridefault.aspx

The Thomas J. Watson Foundation gives college graduates of unusual promise the opportunity to engage in a year of independent study and travel abroad following their graduation. Note that you must apply for the Watson during your final year as an undergraduate: 

UNESCO provides an international guide to higher-education study opportunities and scholarships offered in 129 different countries. It includes 2,659 entries on courses and scholarships in different academic and professional disciplines. ev.php-URL_ID=17738&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC &URL_SECTION=201.html
The Youth Foundation scholarship provides funding for an undergraduate's Junior Year Abroad. Selection is based on character, need, scholastic achievement, objective, motivation, potential for leadership and good citizenship:

Resources for Underrepresented Groups in Study Abroad

Affordable Colleges Online: Hispanic Student's Guide for Higher Education. A guide dedicated to helping Hispanic students navigate the often-challenging world of college affordability, financial aid, and scholarships. making college affordable online guide for hispanic students.

Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Program encourages participation in education abroad programs by those students who have been traditionally underrepresented:

Mobility International, USA offers a number of resources for scholarships, fellowships and grants for students with disabilities who wish to study or do research abroad:

Scholarships for Students of Color
Michigan State University's Study Abroad office offers a number of resources for students of color to find funding for study abroad: studentsofcolor/scholarships.html

United Negro College Fund offers a number of scholarships and fellowships for African American individuals:

American Indian College Fund offers a number of scholarships to students of American Indian heritage:  

Hispanic Scholarship Fund offers scholarships to high school-aged and college-aged individuals of Hispanic heritage:


Scholarship and Grant Resources for Study Abroad in Italy

The National Italian American Foundation administers 73 scholarships. To access a list of scholarships and other programs available, click on "NIAF Programs," then select, "Scholarships.":

The Order of the Sons of Italy (SIF) offers three different National Leadership grants as well as five different scholarships specifically for students studying abroad. Applicants must be U.S. citizens of Italian descent (at least one Italian or Italian-American grandparent) to apply.  For details on these scholarships, click on the "scholarships" link located in the middle of the homepage: