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Fashion Design Intensive

Fashion Design is an intensive summer course (90 hours of lesson per month) which students may choose attend for one or two months in June and July.

The syllabus of the Fashion Design course covers the subject in a concise yet comprehensive manner and it is structured in such a way as to provide a significant and thorough experience.

In order to introduce students to the fundamentals of the fashion world, the Fashion Design course covers subjects such as:
- fashion illustration;
- elements of collection;
- color techniques.

The course is further enriched with seminars, guided visits and meetings about to the subjects of the syllabus.

During the lessons, students are introduced to the study of the human figure, its movements and positions, and they are encouraged to develop a personal graphic style.

Much attention is devoted to the design of menswear and ladies' clothing in different styles and fashion trends, and to the study of color techniques, including a variety of drawing and coloring methods.

The "elements of collection" lessons provide an introduction to the profession of fashion designer: each student, under the guidance of a fashion designer, is expected to come up with original ideas for fashion collections.

The school also provides the possibility to meet experts in the field at trade fairs, exhibits and museums. Students will therefore benefit from first hand contact with the fashion world.

Upon completion of the Fashion Design course, a certificate of attendance is awarded.

Please note that the Accademia Italiana also offers a 3-year Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design.

Course level: basic / intermediate
Course duration: 1 or 2 months
Period: June / July

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