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Arrival & Orientation

Arrival & OrientationThe Accademia Italiana, study abroad in Italy, is pleased to offer information to assist you to the school or your apartment upon your arrival in Italy. The Accademia Italiana offers airport pick-up for groups of students arriving in their host city during a particular window of time and, upon request, and for a small fee, pick-up for individual arrivals. Students who choose this option will be accompanied directly to their apartments. Students who choose to arrive in their host country independently will receive instructions on when and where to meet up with the group on-site.

All study abroad programs commence with a 2 – 3 day, comprehensive orientation session. Orientation activities are led by multiple members of the on-site staff and include an introduction to student services staff and resources available to students at her Florence school or Rome school, addresses what to expect during the study abroad experience as well as safety, security and health while in Italy and Europe, assistance with obtaining a resident's permit, and telecommunications options including information about computer lab facilities and cell phone providers. Students register for academic courses and are led on tours of the school buildings and facilities and the host city which highlight many typical day-to-day destinations such as daily markets, post offices, public transportation hubs, pharmacies, and more key essentials to help you get your bearings. You will learn more about the discounts available to you as an Accademia Italiana student at a number of book and art supplies stores, clothing stores and restaurants as well as local gyms.

You will receive more detailed information about what to expect during your first few days of study abroad in Italy upon your acceptance into the program.