Bravery Bar: in the heart of Isola the Concept Bar of the Milano Design Week dedicated to dialogue

Six days of workshops, exhibitions and installations at Milan Design Week for Design students

Bravery Bar: in the heart of Isola the Concept Bar of the Milano Design Week dedicated to dialogue
Bravery Bar: in the heart of Isola the Concept Bar of the Milano Design Week dedicated to dialogue

Six days of workshops, exhibitions and installations at Milan Design Week for Design students

From 15 to 21 April Stecca 3.0, hub of Isola Design Festival, at the Library of Trees, hosts Bravery Bar - Crafting Dialogues, the project of IAAD., Accademia Italiana and SAE Institute that are the leader of a community of over 35,000 students and 19 schools: AD Education.


Florence, April 4, 2024


Bravery Bar - Crafting Dialogues: from 15 to 21 April 2024 in the heart of Isola Design Festival returns the third edition of Bravery Bar, the concept bar created by IAAD., Accademia Italiana, SAE Institute, Higher education schools part of the international group AD Education, which avails itself this year of the contribution of Regione Lombardia. The aim is to develop a project in which training is at the center of a dialogue with experts, professionals and reference companies, within the Milan Design Week.

For six days workshops, exhibitions and interactive installations will animate Stecca 3.0, a socio-cultural center at the foot of the Vertical Forest, a building designed by SBA - Stefano Boeri Architetti, inside the Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan.


Under the theme of DIALOGUE, within the concept BRA-VERY BAR, will articulate the BAR, a true networking point, the BALCONY, meeting area that houses the installation "Individual Collective", designed by Mirror Digital Interactive Agency and the HALL on the first floor, where the students' workshops take place and the exhibition "Between us", curated by designers Matteo Ragni and Giulio Iacchetti, takes place.

120 international students selected through a contest among the 32 thousand enrolled in the 19 schools of the group in Europe.


Bravery Bar is a choral project supported by AD Education, a training reality comprising 19 design schools in Europe. Designed as an event of cultural and educational-educational deepening focused on the creativity and design ability of contemporary design, Bravery Bar is a format experienced since Milan Design Week 2022, where it deserved to be listed as one of the most interesting Concept Bar projects of the entire exhibition.


The Milan Design Week 2024 explores the theme of dialogue, assuming the programmatic title of "CRAFTING DIALOGUES". By addressing this project, Bravery Bar intends to reflect on the obvious relational incapacity of contemporary society, where new media and the rules of increasingly accelerated communication impose comparisons often forced into compartments. Led by the IAAD. Accademia Italiana and SAE Institute, a new generation of designers verifies the effectiveness and consistency of their project tools; through an action addresses the theme of dialogue as a tool for comparison and enrichment.


The international students selected among the 19 schools of the AD Education group will participate every day in transversal and multidisciplinary design projects, masterclasses, talks and performances on the theme "dialogue", animated by design professionals, of fashion, sustainability and innovation. Every day, from 10.00 will develop individual workshops, from 17.00 to 18.00 space to final presentations, follows until 20.00 networking aperitif.


FERCAM Echo Labs will open the workshop calendar on Monday, April 15, with the aim of testing young designers with an approach that overturns the classic design process: in ecodesign you do not start from white paper, but from the materials available. In this specific case, students will have at their disposal a kit of materials and tools recovered from FERCAM packaging, with which to design and prototype seats with a view to circular economy. And to facilitate dialogue.

On Tuesday, April 16, students will be inspired by Cisco and Intesa Sanpaolo, to analyze the relationship between humans and workspaces, exploring the dynamics of dialogue to identify the missing pieces in the current narrative of office design and define new guiding principles to create a next-generation work environment.

On Wednesday, April 17, The Social Hub instructs the kids to work on a creative project for a special table: the Community Table recently introduced by the international group in each hub to create connection between people, during dinners, activities, discussions and other situations. It’s a table where you sit down to feel part of a community and give your contribution to improve it: where you create dialogue.

Thursday, April 18 we ask ourselves about the applications of the classroom of the future with Valore Italia, Centro Internazionale di Formazione e Ricerca per il Restauro e la Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Culturale, supported by Schneider Electric, French multinational active in the fields of automation and energy management, from Saint-Gobain Italy, a world leader in the production and distribution of materials for sustainable construction and housing comfort and from ELT Group, Leading company for reliable, high-innovation solutions that protect platforms, people, and information in complex operational scenarios.

Friday, April 19, the iconic material sample of Abet Laminati, a precious tool for generations of designers, architects and designers, will be the starting point of the workshop. Materials such as the DIAFOS and the POLARIS Collection, alongside 29 different textures will host the compositions of the participants, pieces of a complex design language that will lead young designers to dialogue with colors, tactile surfaces and significant compositions.

Saturday, April 20, students will be invited to create an immersive virtual reality experience, with the support of AI, whose content will be obtained by collecting and reworking the outputs from previous workshops. The project will be led by Mirror, a digital innovation agency, and SAE Institute, the largest Creative Media College in the world, present in 28 countries, based in Milan since 1996 with a path of Audio Production that has expanded over the years to offer content to the creative industry, cinema, 3D animation, gaming and music.