Undergraduate course



3 academic years
Florence  Rome 
Rome course starting date
October 2024

Undergraduate course

The three-year undergraduate course in Communication Design course brings students into contact with the complex reality of communications: a holistic approach that tackles creative and technical issues in a practical and engaging manner. From the creation of the message to the management of entire communication campaigns, the course of study provides students with the necessary skills to become professionals in the sector, learning how to implement effective marketing strategies thanks to the careful selection of communication channels, aimed to convey increasingly efficient creative messages.

The expansion of new technologies and customer profiling are fundamental issues for a contemporary approach to the subject. Students will learn about and analyse consumer behaviour, the types of relationships, the brand of a product and how to monitor the success of advertising campaigns

They will gain experience in developing creative strategies through copywriting, graphic design and creative writing, while always keeping an eye on the history of communications, on design and on the most up-to-date software

The Communication Design course explores creative thinking by combining its different aspects to form a professional figure highly prepared to work in this dynamic and ever evolving field.



    • Knowledge of the disciplines of graphic design, digital design and project design
    • Increase knowledge of marketing and management
    • Knowledge and understanding of sociology, semiotics and psychology in relation to communication studies
    • Acquisition of strategic planning skills
    • Plan and implement communication design initiatives
    • Design effective communication flows
    • Develop auxiliary techniques such as mind mapping, card sorting, brainstorming
    • Knowledge and use of different software and techniques (typography, packaging, video making, copywriting)
    • Develop teamwork and project management skills
    • Increase knowledge and understanding of different fields of communication (advertising, corporate and brand identity, publishing, web design, multimedia graphics)




    • Requirements for admission and documents to submit for enrollment
    • 12 years of previous schooling background are necessary to apply to official degrees in Italy. If you do not meet this requirement, you can attend our Foundation Year pre-requisite program or enroll into the non-degree versione program (private diploma from Accademia Italiana)




    International Students (Extra-EU citizens)

    • Enrollment fee: 2.000 Euro
    • Tuition and fees: 9.600 Euro

    International Students (EU citizens)

    • Enrollment fee: 1.500 Euro
    • Tuition and fees: 9.600 Euro

    Partial scholarships and promotions may be available. Contact our Admission Office for more details.
    Yearly regional tax (DSU) for students enrolled in a state-accredited Bachelor's degree: € 140.
    Payment plans in installments available upon request (extra charge applies).

  • First Year

    • History of Contemporary Art l
    • Project Design Methodology
    • Digital Elaboration of the Image
    • Graphic Design
    • Art Direction l
    • Theory of Perception and Psychology of Form
    • Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing
    • Theory and Methods of Mass Media
    • Participation in seminars/workshops/competitions


    Second Year

    • Advertising
    • Art Direction ll
    • Brand Design l
    • Graphic Design
    • Creative Writing
    • History of Contemporary Art ll
    • English language
    • Sociology of Communications
    • Interaction Design l
    • Participation in seminars/workshops/competitions


    Third Year

    • Copywriting
    • Multimedia Graphics
    • Brand Design ll
    • Lettering
    • Latest Trends in the Visual Arts
    • Interaction Design ll
    • Marketing and Management
    • Internship/Professional Orientation
    • Participation in seminars/workshops/competitions
    • Final Project (Thesis)
    • Attendance is on-campus and mandatory (80% minimum)
    • 600 lesson hours approx. per academic year

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