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Professional Communication design Course

Event and Communication Design

The professional Event and Communication Design course is aimed to train professional figures with advanced project maangement and art direction skills. The professional figure, trained with this course, will be ablet to work as a free-lancer or or within various types of organizations in the creation and management of events.


Event planning is now an essential element of any experiential marketing activity and the course fits into a context in which the Event Designer has an overall view of both the more strictly artistic and creative part and the management process.Therefore, both creative skills related to art direction aspects and the more strictly managerial and communication skills of the event before, during and after are fundamental for this type of role. Moreover, the impact that technology has had on the industry is crucial, allowing mixing virtual elements with live events and expanding the time horizons of the events.


Course objectives

After successfully completing the course, students will be able to:
  • Develop the event concept, based on comprehension of the customer needs
  • Organize team work and necessary activities to carry out the project on schedule and budget
  • Use the communication principles to create messages meant to enhance strategies and event concepts.
  • Create graphic, artistic and video drawings, through professional visual storytelling techniques to publish events through several social media platforms, and collaborating with press representatives.

Educational path

  • Project management
  • Communication and event promotion
  • Art Direction
  • Photography and video events
  • Social media

Admission procedures

There is no admissions exam.

Documents required to apply for enrollment include:

  • completed application form
  • signed copy of school regulations
  • photocopy of passport or identification card
  • photocopy of fiscal code (if in student's possession)
  • receipt for the enrollment fee