The European network of Creative Schools


The European network of Creative Schools

Accademia Italiana is part of the AD Education international network - a leading educational provider in France in the field of design and the applied arts – and among the leading European educational providers having 19 schools and 70 campuses (in Italy, Spain, Germany and France) with over 35.000 students, 1.200 teachers and an integrated teaching system in 5 languages offering over 150 courses divided between the three-year undergraduate degree programs, Master's degree programs, professional courses and summer courses in fields with a strong level of specialization, from luxury to culture, fashion, audiovisual, design, animation, visual communications, graphic design, multimedia design, photographyvideo games, heritage, jewelry and gemology, perfumes, journalism and digital.

AD Education provides the schools with the academic, managerial and material resources that enable them to develop major academic projects in their respective fields and further develop opportunities of exchanges and connexions between the schools.


The schools inside the AD Education network:



Founded in 1984, Accademia Italiana is a leading Italian school for careers in fashion, design and photography.



Founded in 1978, IAAD is Europe’s oldest automotive design school and a benchmark for all design careers in Italy.


  • École de Condé (FRANCE)

École de Condé is the leading school for design, illustration, photography, animation movies and heritage restoration.


  • ECV - École de Comunication Visuelle (FRANCE)

Since it was founded in 1984, ECV has trained design, animation, video game and digital professionals.


  • ESP - École Supérieure de Publicité (FRANCE)

Since 1927, the ÉcoleSupérieure de Publicité has trained advertising, communication and marketing professionals in line with its slogan: Advertising Next Generation.


  • ESD - École Supérieure du Digital (FRANCE)

The ÉcoleSupérieure du Digital offers a new approach to training for the digital sector, combining technology, creation and digital strategy.


  • École Supérieure Du Parfum (FRANCE)

The leading creation and management school for the perfume, cosmetics and fragrances industries.


  • EAC - Economie, Art, Culture (FRANCE)

EAC is the leading international culture, luxury and art market school.


  • ING - Institut National de Gemmologie (FRANCE)

Since 1967, Institut National de Gemmologie has trained gemology and high jewelry professionals.


  • HMKW - Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft (GERMANY)

The Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft is Germany’s leading private university specialized in communication, psychology and design.



With a history that dates back to the 1950s, Barreira A+D is a pioneering Spanish school for artistic education.


  • CES - Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido (SPAIN)

The first official school accredited for professional training in the audiovisual world.


  • CEV - Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido (SPAIN)

In Madrid and Barcelona, CEV trains students for audiovisual, photography, animation and video game design careers.



 An online professional training organization for workers and jobseekers.