International activities and mobility for AI community


International activities and mobility for AI community


Accademia Italiana has a strong international vocation since its foundation: over 40% of its students come from more than 70 countries worldwide. Since 2020, Accademia Italiana is part of the European network AD Education, the main group of schools specialized in the fields of design and applied arts in France, and one of the leading players in higher education at university level in Europe with 20 schools and 70 campuses (in 20 European countries), over 35,000 students, 2,000 teachers and an integrated training methodology in five languages and over 130 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Accademia Italiana has been hosting students from US universities for over 30 years through its dedicated Study Abroad Program.



Accademia Italiana has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027, which allows participation in the Erasmus+ program. By subscribing to the program, Accademia Italiana commits to publish the Erasmus Policy Statement 2021-2027 and to comply with the quality parameters in the Erasmus+ exchange programs and design.
Erasmus+ fosters the personal and professional development of citizens and offers people of all ages the opportunity to develop and share knowledge, skills and live European mobility experiences at schools, institutes and organizations. Starting from the academic year 2023/24, students and teachers of Accademia Italiana who wish to spend a mobility period abroad will be able to apply for the Erasmus+ program.


For information on the Erasmus+ program and other international activities please contact us at:


Accademia Italiana offers its students various opportunities to study abroad. It promotes mobility for credits mainly within the EU Erasmus+ program, but also through bilateral agreements with non-European academies and universities.

The programs allow the Accademia Italiana student to spend a semester in a partner school or university with academic recognition of the study program undertaken abroad.

Through the Erasmus+ program, Accademia Italiana is also activating opportunities for its students to carry out internships abroad.

Students also have the opportunity to study abroad for short programs during the summer period through Accademia Italiana's numerous partnerships within the AD Education network.


Every year, Accademia Italiana will offer some of its students the opportunity to enrich their academic curriculum with a study abroad experience at its partner schools and universities, acquiring ECTS credits recognized in their curriculum at Accademia Italiana. Students will be able to participate in international exchange programs by applying to the announcement for applications to be published each year in December. Students will be selected on the basis of criteria of academic merit and linguistic competence.

Exchange periods last one semester (on average 4-5 months) and take place either in the autumn semester (September-January) or in the spring semester (January-May).

Are you an Accademia Italiana student and want to know more about exchange programs? Download the Announcement for Participation or read the FAQ.

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Accademia Italiana, thanks to its international vocation and its study courses recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, proposes an academic offer perfectly in line with the needs of international students. Many of its courses are available in both Italian and English and all theoretical-practical courses are available in both languages. The teaching staff is perfectly bilingual.

If you are a student enrolled at one of our partner institutions and wish to spend a period of study at the Accademia Italiana in Florence or Rome, please visit our admission page for exchange programs once you have been nominated by your institution as a candidate for the Erasmus program.

Exchange periods last one semester (on average 4-5 months) and take place either in the autumn semester (September-January) or in the spring semester (January-May).

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