Professional course


The contemporary jewelry designer works creatively within a team or individually as a modern craftsman, using digital techniques as additional tools to the arrangement: three-dimensional modelling (CAD) and the creation of virtual images, 3D printing, management of automated workflows (CAM). The course introduces theoretical concepts giving importance to materials and technologies, with the support of professional goldsmiths and craftsmen and with the aim of achieving specific manual skills necessary to design and make jewelry. Drawing is the bridge between imagination and reality and it must be continuously refined; the practical hours in the laboratory are necessary to work with the material and to learn the basic goldsmith techniques. During the course, subjects related to communications and marketing are also dealt with.


Course objectives

After successfully completing the course, students will be able to:
  • Create jewels using metalworking tecniques
  • Create prototypes in wax and metal
  • Using CAD and 3D printing softwares
  • Create their own professional portfolio



Enrolment fee: 750 Euro
Tuition fee: 4.630 Euro (also payable in two instalments of Euros 2.930 each).

Educational path

  • Materials Technology
  • Jewelry design: studio 1
  • Jewelry design: studio 2
  • Jewelry design: lab & prototyping 1
  • Jewelry design: lab & prototyping 1
  • Project design methodology

Admission procedures

There is no admissions exam.

Documents required to apply for enrollment include:

  • completed application form
  • signed copy of school regulations
  • copy of passport or identification card
  • two passport-sized photos
  • receipt for the enrollment fee


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