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Fashion, design and photography university schools in Florence and Rome

Scholarships available

Don’t miss this opportunity!
The Accademia Italiana is an international point of reference in all the creative sectors.
Take this opportunity and become part of our world!


Rome School

Discount for the Academic Year 2018/19


July 16, 2018 was the last date available for the application for scholarships for the Rome office.

For additional information please contact (+39) 06 6880 9333 /





Florence school

Scholarships for the 2018/19 Academic Year


The Accademia Italiana arte moda design has decided to offer scholarships in the amount of 3000 Euro (1000 Euro to be detracted each year from the tuition fees) for the 3 year programs in Fashion Design and in Interior and Product Design accredited by EABHES and beginning in January 2019. Scholarships of 1000 Euro will also be offered for the one-year professional courses in Fashion Merchandising, Design of Retail Spaces, Window Displays Design and Drawing and Painting that begin in January 2019. A special offer will also be available to transfer students (discount of the 1300 Euro enrollment fee) for those enrolling in advanced semesters of the EABHES accredited 3-year design programs.

For additional information please contact (+39) 055 284616 /

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