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Fashion, design and photography university schools in Florence and Rome

Scholarship opportunities & Financial aid

Accademia Italiana promotes access to excellence in higher education offering scholarships, promotions and financial aid opportunities to international students enrolling in its:

- Foundation Year (Preparatory course for BA programs)

- Bachelor of Arts (three-year undergraduate degree programs)

- Master of Arts (two-year postgraduate degree programs)

Please contact us to know what options are available for you at the present time. 

Accademia Italiana is an international point of reference in all the fields of creativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of our world of creativity!



All new students enrolling in the Foundation Year program or in the first year of a three-year undergraduate Bachelor's degree program or in the first year of a two-year postgraduate Master's degree program by February 15, 2023 will receive a scholarship of € 1.800 for Bachelor's degrees (€ 600 reduction on the tuition fees per each year), of € 1.200 for Master's degrees (€ 600 reduction on the tuition fees per each year) or € 600 for the Foundation Year.The "Early Bird Scholarship" is not compatible with any other form of scholarship or financial aid offered by or through Accademia Italiana.

Contact us for further information on how to enroll with the Early Bird Promotion.

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