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Fashion, design and photography university schools in Florence and Rome

Scholarship opportunities & Financial aid

Accademia Italiana promotes access to higher education offering scholarship and financial aid opportunities to international students interested in enrolling into its undergraduate (bachelor of arts degrees) and postgraduate (master of arts degrees) programs.

Scholarship contests or financial aid opportunities available will be published time by time below on this page.

If no scholarships are currently offered for the program of your choice, or if you do not meet the requirements to apply for a scholarship, please contact us to know what other options are available for you. 

Accademia Italiana is an international point of reference in all the fields of creativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of our world thanks to the scholarships and financial aids offered by Accademia Italiana!


The scholarships available for the academic year 2022/23 have already be assigned.

Scholarships for bachelor's and master's degrees for the next academic year (2023/24) will be published on this page by December 2022.

Please check this page again at that time or contact us for more details.  

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