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Professional Course in Styling


The professional Styling program trains a professional figure specializing in everything concerning the management of a brand’s image. The stylist covers the role of coordinator during the development of a fashion show, a photo shooting or in the filming of a video clip. The purpose of the course is to understand the concept of a fashion brand and enhance it through the valorisation of the corporate image. During the course, students have the opportunity to collaborate with other departments of Accademia Italiana, using the photographic studio inside the school and putting their knowledge into practice by following directly the fashion show, photo-shooting and video projects.


Course objectives

After successfully completing the course, students will be able to:
  • Analyze tendencies to direct stylistic choices
  • Use specific techniques of reasarch, analysis and interpretation of data in order to elaborate syling projects
  • Elaborate a trend forecasting project
  • Organize the image of visual brand visual communication campaign (advertising campaign, viral messages on social networks, lookbook, product packaging, catalogues, store and digital storytelling etc...) pictures on magazines and newspaper, film and TV production
  • Create their professional portfolio



  • Enrolment fee: 800 Euro
  • Tuition fee: 4200 Euro 

Payment plans in installments available upon request (extra charge applies).

Educational path

  • Styling
  • Trends research
  • Art Direction
  • Social media management

Admission procedures

There is no admissions exam.

Documents required to apply for enrollment include:

  • completed application form
  • signed copy of school regulations
  • photocopy of passport or identification card
  • photocopy of fiscal code (if in student's possession)
  • receipt for the enrollment fee


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