• Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design Accademia Italiana
  • Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design Accademia Italiana
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Three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design

By offering a course of study that builds and enriches communication skills, this program aims to train well-qualified professionals, preparing them to work in the field of graphic and visual design both at the theoretic and technical-executive level, to meet the needs of future clients.
The three-year Graphic Design Bachelor's degree program is an innovative course of study that integrates traditional professional training in graphic design (illustration, lay-out, poly-graphic techniques for publishing) with projects developed using new multi-media systems.
In the Graphic Design program, students' creative potential will be developed in various directions (photography, use of the image and color theory) while they will also build a solid background in the fundamentals of advertising and market dynamics. This approach will help them to develop the flexibility and competence with which to excel in their professional endeavors.
During the course of study students will explore the world of communication in a society that is in continuous evolution, using the most appropriate instruments to work creatively at various levels.


Course objectives

  • Design logos and coordinated images for an agency
  • Design and create dynamic websites
  • Create a catalog, magazine and illustrations for children’s books
  • Demonstrate knowledge of product packaging and create a final package
  • Create a full page advertisement for a newspaper
  • Design an advertising campaign
  • Produce 3-D animation
  • Create graphic interface for interaction with an electronic book
  • Create an academic portfolio
  • Create a professional portfolio


Admission Requirements




National and EU Students

  • Admission exam fee: 150 Euro
  • Enrolment fee (1st year only): 1.300 Euro
  • Tuition fee (yearly): 8.330 Euro
  • DSU regional tax (yearly): 140 Euro

International extra-EU Students

  • Admission exam fee: 150 Euro
  • Enrolment fee (1st year only): 1.900 Euro
  • Tuition fee (yearly): 8.930 Euro
  • DSU regional tax (yearly): 140 Euro

Educational path

First Year

  • History of Printing and Publishing
  • Project Design Methodology (Life Drawing, Design of the Illustrated Image)
  • Technical Design and Planning (Basic Design, Geometrical Drawing)
  • Computer Graphics (Basic Computer Design)
  • Graphic Design I (Color Techniques, Computer Graphic Design)
  • Lettering
  • Elements of Publishing Design (Computer Publishing Design, Elements of Publishing Design)
  • Aesthetics
  • Elements of Information Technology


Second Year

  • Contemporary Art History I
  • Technology of Materials for Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design II (Graphic Design, Computer Design)
  • Techniques of Digital Modelling –3D Computing (3D Animation)
  • Web Design I
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Elements of Cultural Marketing
  • Foreign Language
  • Theory of Perception and Psychology of Forms


Third Year

  • Contemporary Art History II
  • Theory and Methods of Mass Media
  • Graphic Design III (Advertising Design, Packaging)
  • Art Direction (Corporate Design)
  • Web Design II
  • Linear Audio Visuals (3D Animation)
  • Advertising Communications
  • Workshops and participation in academic events
  • Final Exam (Thesis)
  • Law, Legislation and Economics of show business


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