Housing Accademia Italiana


The Accademia Italiana offers its students a free housing service that puts students in contact with the landlords of apartments located in the central areas of Florence and Rome.


The apartments, shared with other students from the school, are completely furnished and include wifi, a washing machine and television.

The average price of a single room is around 500-600 euros a month plus utilities, and a double room (shared with a roommate) is around 400-450 euros a month plus utilities. For a studio or two-room apartment the price varies from 750 to 950 euros a month plus utilities.

The school’s staff visits the apartments before making the rooms available to students to ensure that they are in suitable condition.

This informational service is offered free of charge by the school, which puts the students into direct contact with the apartments’ landlords or owners. All economic agreements, including methods of payment, are stipulated by the landlords.

If the school reserves housing on behalf of the student and the student decides to cancel the reservation, the landlord will keep the entire deposit sent by the student during the reservation phase.

Rooms are available from September to May (for students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree and professional programs) and from October to May (for students in the Master programs). Students enrolled in programs that begin in January in Florence can reserve housing for only one semester (January to May).

Changing housing during the academic year is not allowed and will result in the loss of the deposit.

Students who wish to change accommodation at the end of the first year must find their own new accommodation.


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