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Partial scholarships are offered for enrolments into this program until October 15, 2021.
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This course begins with the exploration and the analysis of the methodological process of design to arrive at the development of an experience that will allow the student to operate at an extremely high level in diverse realities.

The course moves from interior architecture to lighting design, including in the program the stimuli and know-how to be able to design within a sustainable and ethical vision through the eco-design experience.

The digital culture and virtual representation techniques complete the program that is designed for future professionals who will be able to propose their projects in a global context with flexibility, determination and high-level operative ability.


Course objectives

Management of the entire Interior design process, both for public and private spaces;
In-depth knowledge of lay-out and visualization techniques necessary to the interior designer;
In-depth understanding of the technical themes linked to lighting and other sectors typical of the specialty of interior design;
Experimentation with innovative and traditional technologies and materials;
Development of the flexibilities and specialized competences applied in the interior design profession.


Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission and documents to submit for enrollment



Enrollment fee (to be paid only once for the two-year program): Euro 1.500
Annual tuition fees: Euro 8.250
Annual administrative fees: Euro 850

Educational path

First year:

ABPR 15 Interior architecture (10 CFA 125 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Design (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Design Culture (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Layout and visualization techniques (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABTEC 41 Virtual architecture (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABPR 18 Light Design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABPR 30 Technology of new materials (8 CFA 60 lesson hours)
ABST 50 History of contemporary architecture (8 CFA 60 lesson hours)


Second year:

ABPR 15 Interior architecture (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Ecodesign (10 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Graphic Design (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 31 Photography (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABTEC 41 3-D Rendering (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 23 Lighting design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
+ elective subject (6 CFA)
+ final exams (10 CFA)