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Who we are

Founded in 1984, the Accademia Italiana, with locations in Florence and Rome, is one of the most prestigious university-level institutions for fashion, design and photography.


Those who approach our Institute are always motivated by a great energy, and by the desire to direct and exploit their own creative capacities.

Here at the Accademia Italiana, they are searching for the best place to develop their creative potential. Here they find the perfect setting for professional growth and specialization in the various design, artistic and linguistic fields.

Upon completion of the study period each student is ready to begin a professional career.

The thousands of students that have passed through the Accademia Italiana, from its beginnings up to today, and the hundreds of professionals that over the years have come into contact with our Institute have created a constant influx of ideas that create a continual flow of vitality, movement and strength.

The Accademia Italiana moves into the future full of this energy, presenting itself today as one of the most qualified institutes of artistic, professional and linguistic training.

Today more than ever the particular quality of the Accademia emerges in our special methods of dealing with the various disciplines. In our academic programs we have always sought to combine the past with the future, the historic traditions, with the rapid evolution of new technologies.

Our classroom and laboratory experience is designed to give students real world contacts and real world, hands on, practical experience. Our links with the working world allow our students to verify their knowledge in a tangible way.

Immersed in an international environment the students develop the capacity to confront the various cultures, enriching and widening their horizons, recognizing that in the future they will live in a global society, the only one possible in tomorrow's world, and it is into this reality that they will be able to make their own creative, professional and cultural contribution.