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Partial scholarships are offered for enrolments into this program until October 15, 2021.
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This Master of Arts program in Graphic design follows an academic process developed with the view of giving ample space both to graphic design and to communication seen in a wider vision, comprehensive of various expressive techniques.

The subjects covered are linked to the industrial and business culture, as well as to those specific to a creative process.

Thus the course involves in-depth investigation into design methodology, applied arts, advertising and communication. Innovative technologies are used to develop projects in brand design, packaging and web design.

Emphasis is given to the creative and coordination activities inherent in Art Direction. The combination of knowledge acquired form a professional figure able to move with agility and assurance in the complex contemporary marketplace.


Course objectives

In-depth knowledge of design methodology;
Acquisition of new graphic and artistic representation techniques;
Development of a professional figure who demonstrates flexibility and posseses specific competences;
Analysis and development of various kinds of projects for industries and products.


Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission and documents to submit for enrollment



Enrollment fee (to be paid only once for the two-year program): Euro 1.500
Annual tuition fees: Euro 8.250
Annual administrative fees: Euro 850

Educational path

First year:

ABPR 15 Design methodology (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABST 48 History of applied arts (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPC 67 Communications and advertising (10 CFA 125 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Graphic Design (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABPR 31 Photography (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Web design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABTEC37 Art Direction (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)


Second year:

ABPR 15 Design methodology (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Graphic design (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABST51 Phenomenology of contemporary arts (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABTEC 37 Brand Design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABTEC 37 Packaging (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABTEC 41 3-D Animation (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)


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