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SCHOLARSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE - 10 scholarships are offered to attend this program in 2021/22.
The deadline to apply for a scholarship is July 31st, 2021. Contact us for more details.

This Master of Arts program is centered on the methodologies and processes that determine the design and the success of innovative products.

In this specialization course the methodological, technological and culturalaspects, as well as the subjects of marketing, communications and management, interact to arrive at a well thought out projects, designed by a professional who has all the critical and managerial competences of a designer immersed in a contemporary reality and able to foresee and interpret future contexts.

For this reason, emphasis is placed on ecological and sustainable design as well as the study of more advanced visual representation techniques.


Course objectives

Development of a highly specialized professional figure able to interact in a marketplace that is in continuing evolution;
Increased and in-depth study of the techniques covered in the bachelor’s program;
Project development in a conscious and technologically advanced manner;
In-depth study of design processes, methods and technologies;
Project management with a design approach that foresees strong eco-sustainability.


Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission and documents to submit for enrollment



Enrollment fee (to be paid only once for the two-year program): Euro 1.500
Annual tuition fees: Euro 8.250
Annual administrative fees: Euro 850

Educational path

First year:

ABPR 15 Design methodology (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 30 Technology of new materials (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Design (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Design Culture (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Layout and visualization techniques (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 18 Light Design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABPR 21 Model building (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
+ elective (6 CFA)


Second year:

ABPR 17 Design (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Design system (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Graphic Design (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 31 Photography (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABTEC 41 3-D Rendering (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABLE 69 Design management (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPR 17 Ecodesign (10 CFA 125 lesson hours)
+ final exams (10 CFA)