• Bachelor's Degree in Interior and product Design Accademia Italiana
  • Bachelor's Degree in Interior and product Design Accademia Italiana
  • Bachelor's Degree in Interior and product Design Accademia Italiana
  • Bachelor's Degree in Interior and product Design Accademia italiana

Three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor's Degree in Interior and Product Design

Partial scholarships are offered to International candidates from EE.UU. for enrolments into this program until September 30th 2021.
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Students will learn to design interior spaces both for commercial and residential use and to create design objects, starting from the initial concept and first sketch to the rendering of the prototype and ending with the construction of the object made to scale.

The Bachelor's degree in Interior and Product Design is a three-year program in a field of study in which the Accademia Italiana has been involved, both at the educational and research level, for over thirty years. As such the Accademia has become an international point of reference for new creativity in this particular sector.
All of the Accademia Italiana's professors are highly experienced professionals, designers and technical experts.
Over the years the school has been host to numerous high profile guests, including Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Alberto Alessi and Riccardo Dalisi as well as representatives from the most famous artistic industries (Kartell, Poltrona Frau, Momo Design and others). 
During the course of study, great importance will be placed not only on the development of artistic projects but also on mastery of every technical aspect of design. 
Students will develop the capacity to design both individual objects and furnished spaces both on an industrial scale and "to measure." The course will feature the use of both traditional design instruments and the computer, with lessons and exercises using specific software.
The historical and technical aspects of interior design are also included in the course's curriculum.
External activities such as participation in exhibitions and competitions and educational visits make up an integral part of the program, as do special seminars at the school, such as talks given by designers and experts and practical workshops. The Interior and Product Design program will equip students with the knowledge and skills to attain professional success, whether as freelance professionals or within the industry.

Video presentation of Design course (from virtual open day of 2/5/2020)


Course objectives

Design research analysis;
Knowledge of materials and their use;
Survey and restructuring of spaces;
Design of interior furniture (private homes);
Design of furniture for commercial and public spaces (restaurants, museums, hotels);
Design of external spaces (redevelopment of public squares and gardens) and outside furniture;
Product design (market trends analysis; study of the history, functions, morphology, production and types of industrial materials; ideation and development of the concept; design of a new project, creation of prototypes);
Graphic and visual communication of the design;
Ideation of the layout and creation of the final portfolio.


Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission and documents to submit for enrollment




The Accademia Italiana enrolment fee (paid only once for the three year course) is 1.300 Euro.
The yearly tuition fee is 7.620 Euro (payable in two instalments of Euros 4.200 each).
The yearly registration fee for the bachelor degree program is 850 Euro (for the Italian course accredited by M.I.U.R. this also includes the fee of 140 Euro that the student must pay directly to the regional authorities responsible for university education - Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario).

Students can obtain the double academic award upon the payment of an additional fee (to be paid once) of 550 Euro.

Educational path

First Year

Contemporary Art History I
Architecture for Interiors I (Autocad, Interior Planning)
Architectural Design & Interiors (Analysis of Styles, Architectural Design and Survey)
Model Building
Design I (Geometrical Drawing, Free-hand Sketching, Basic Design)
Product Design (Product Design, History of Design)
Latest Trends in Visual Arts
Theory of Perception and Psychology of Forms
Foreign Language (Italian - English)
Elements of Information Technology


Second Year

Contemporary Art History II
Architecture for Interiors II (Interior Planning, Architectural Interventions)
Applied Arts and Technology of Materials
Design II (Industrial Design, Interior Planning, Theory and History of Design)
Graphic Design
Techniques of Digital Modelling - Computer 3D(Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D)
Foreign Language (Italian - English)
Elements of Cultural Marketing
Law, Legislation and Economics of Show
Web Design


Third Year

Architecture for Interiors III (Interior Planning)
Design III (Industrial Design, Technology of Building Materials, Materials and Industrial Processes)
Virtual Architecture (Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D)
Exhibition Spaces
History of Design
Elements of Architecture and Urban Design (Urban Design)
Workshops, participation in academic events
Final Exam (thesis)


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