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Design course (two semesters)


The one-year course in Interior Design is a year-long program that awards a diploma certifying a professional level of training.
Students will learn to design interior spaces both for commercial and residential use and to create design objects, starting from the initial concept and first sketch to the rendering of the prototype and ending with the construction of the object made to scale.

The programme in Interior Design provides the students with a wide technical and creative preparation in Interior Design, dealing with subjects such as free hand drawing, technical drawing and computer graphics.

The field of Interior Design has witnessed a continuous growth in the ultimate years and a greater demand for professionals that are more flexible and in touch with new the technologies, methods and materials. The design of interior furnishings together with a good knowledge of computer aided design (CAD) skills are fundamental requisites to enter the Interior Design work market that is in continuous expansion and the students doing this course will be equipped with all the necessary instruments to met it.

The students will be perfectly prepared to enter the work market inserting themselves in design companies or architectural studios or starting up their own activities in the interior furnishing sector.


Course objectives

  • Design research analysis;
  • Knowledge of materials and their use;
  • Survey and restructuring of spaces;
  • Design of interior furniture (private spaces).



  • Enrolment fee: 750 Euro
  • Tuition fee: 4.630 Euro (also payable in two instalments of 2.980 Euro each)

Educational path

  • Drawing and surveying
  • Free-hand drawing
  • Analysis of styles
  • Introduction to CAD
  • Interior Design I
  • Technology of materials


Enrollment procedures

There is no entrance exam.
Documents to present when applying:

  • completed application form
  • signed copy of school regulations
  • copy of passport or identification card
  • receipt for the enrollment fee