Accademia Italiana Rome

Rome School

The Rome school of the Accademia Italiana is located in Piazza della Radio no. 46 in a lively urban, post-industrial area where the street-art and the contemporary art give an added value to the school’s creative force.
The Accademia Italiana is just a few steps away from the ancient “Trastevere” area, favored by tourists both for its history and for its fashionable bars, shops and restaurants.The school is organized on two floors, both fully accessible and completely covered by internet wi-fi. The classrooms, drawing studio, conference room and library are all on the ground floor while on the lower level the workshops for practical courses can be found.
Lecture-based classes are supported by classes in the workshops, where students work on their projects. These include a sewing laboratory, a pattern design lab, the fabric archives for the fashion students, a model building shop with the necessary tools and a 3-D printer for the Design students, a jewelry design laboratory and a photography studio for the Jewelry Design and Photography departments. There is also a computer lab with software for three dimensional modeling and graphic processing for design projects.


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