Second level academic diploma


The students, immersed in the creative synthesis of contemporary fashion design, also develop managerial abilities typical of a modern industry. The creation, management, commercialization and communications aspects of the fashion system become a single in-depth study path in order to reach a suitable project proposal that may be integrated into today’s cultural and industrial reality. The analysis and study of buying impulses, of persuasive levers, and of the latest market, management and communication strategies allows the student who has already acquired sufficient technical capabilities in fashion design to interact and compete in the fashion business with extreme professionality and competence.


Course objectives

Analysis of the creative processes in fashion design;
In-depth research into the design methodology of the fashion system;
Understanding of the dynamics of communications used in various media;
Analysis of the business strategy in the fashion sector;
Management models aimed at customer satisfaction;
Analysis of needs for the fulfilling of “customer dreams” finalized at the design of the ideal product;
In-depth research into the interactions between marketing, advertising, quality control, training and human resources as an approach to strategic management;
Creation of capsule collections to verify the outcomes of the design project;
Final fashion show of collections created by the students


Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission and documents to submit for enrollment



The enrollment fee, to be paid only once for the two-year course, is 1.500 Euro.
Annual tuition fees are 8.150 Euro. Italian citizens may pay tuition in two or four installments.
The annual registration fee for the master’s program is 850 Euro (this includes the fee of 140 Euro that each student must pay directly to the Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario – the Regional government office that supports the rights to study.

Educational path

First year:

ABPR 15 Design methodology (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABST 48 History of applied arts (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPC 67 Communication and advertising (10 CFA 125 lesson hours)
ABPR 31 Photography (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 34 Fashion design (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABPR 19 Web design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABTEC37 Art Direction (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
+ 1 elective course (6 CFA)


Second year:

ABPR 15 Design methodology (6 CFA 75 lesson hours)
ABPR 34 Fashion design (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
ABST51 Phenomenology of contemporary arts (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABTEC 37 Brand Design (8 CFA 100 lesson hours)
ABLE 69 Design Management (6 CFA 45 lesson hours)
ABPR34 Fashion styling (12 CFA 150 lesson hours)
+ final exam (10 CFA)


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