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To learn using the same tools currently in use in the design industries


Both of Accademia Italiana’s schools are equipped with workshops to support academic activities.



Florence Campus

The workshops are located at Lungarno delle Grazie no. 22 (a 10 minute walk from the main school in Piazza Pitti) and occupy the ground floor and third floor of the historic Bargagli building.

On the ground floor, there is a room for photo shoots used by the photography students, while on the top floor there are workshops for sewing, pattern making and knitwear for fashion design; model building for the interior and product design students and an art studio, design workshop and dark room for the art and photography courses. The textiles archives are located in the main building in Piazza Pitti.

Rome Campus

The Rome school offers workshops for sewing and pattern making and textile archives for the Fashion Design department; a workshop with machines for model building and 3-D printing for Interior and Product Design; a goldsmith workshop for the Jewelry Design department and a studio for the Photography department.

Both locations have IT rooms with software for 3-D modelling and graphic design.

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