‘Rethinking the Product’ design exhibition in Berlin

Advanced technologies and artisan expertise come together in Berlin

‘Rethinking the Product’ design exhibition in Berlin

Born from this fortuitous union, the next appointment of Rethinking the Product, already an acclaimed London event in these past years, will be held this year in Berlin from the 20th December.

A strong response to energy saving, sustainability, health, recycling, accessibility and beauty emerges in the prototypes designed by the ten Accademia Italiana students who worked in collaboration with six other designers from the participating companies. The team has produced 30 prototypes in relation to eight main areas: kids, kitchen, living room, bedroom, light, office, garden and shop. This important project, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Terni, is now in its sixth edition, involving 46 local companies and 16 designers, of which 10 are from the Accademia Italiana. Thirty projects that add to the already one hundred and forty projects of the past editions confirming the success of an operating model capable of optimising the resources of local industries that internationally are acclaimed for ‘Made in Italy’, in collaboration with a team of designers giving life to a virtuous process of hybridisation. The formula is simple and genial: different producing companies catering for different markets that probably would never have met, are now collaborating together with a group of young designers in the design and production of innovative products for new trends and markets. The criterion is really that of putting together Italian artisan knowledge with the most advanced technologies in order to produce products that are capable of meeting contemporary needs. The objective of Rethinking the Product is to unite diverse ways of thinking, habits and markets in order to offer modern responses to a rapidly changing world.