Irony and creativity

Backstage preparations for the fashion show

Ironic, cultured garments according to the maximalist trends of the moment. We took a peek backstage at the fashion show where the 5th and 6th semester Fashion Design students in Florence are putting the final touches on their works in preparation for the year-end event that will be held at Obihall Theater on April 21.

Following the theme “Fashion Material” the young designers coming from all over the world agree on the fundamental importance of the materials used in the outfits in an infinite number of combinations. “The collections, 200 garments designed and produced by the 40 graduating students in the Fashion design program at the Accademia Italiana” explains department head, Marco dé Micheli, “are the results of a meticulous research of materials used in the outfits, some raw, some finely processed, the mixtures of which, together with the various colors and styles, create the most personal effects, while tending towards “maximalism” celebrating the richness, sometimes to excess, with ironic and cultural references according to the latest trends.” Here we have leathers of different kinds and colors, industrially printed or hand painted fabrics, some hand embroidered by the students themselves. The handworks stand out, beginning with the cords that were hand-woven by the women in the Sharjah Emirate, to the transformations done by the students such as those outfits painted like an artist’s canvas or the ones covered with golden spider webs. This season great importance has been given to color: outfits with less traditional pairings that put strong colors next to fabrics of a different nature. Another fundamental element of this fashion show is the irony, many students have demonstrated the maturity not only of developing contemporary collections but have been able to play with them, presenting outfits that remind the viewer of house clothes, putting the spotlights on adult “little girls” carrying teddy-bears. (Lof)