Monday September 12 Classes Begin
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Time to design new fashion collections

Monday September 12 Classes Begin

Enthusiasm and desire to learn reigns in the halls of the Accademia Italiana Florence arte moda design that will inaugurate the new academic year on September 12 with a new wave of students.

With an ever-increasing number of students there have also been new additions to the faculty as well as an increased activity between the school and the design profession with a new series of collaborations with design industries. For the Rome headquarter, the beginning is rather set for next Monday, September 19. These projects are among the strengths of the Accademia in Piazza Pitti that this year will continue to combine theoretical and practical preparation, favoring the contact of the students with the production realities. Final year students who will be the stars of the year-end fashion show next April, will continue the research began last semester to choose the fashion materials and trends to propose. “over the next few weeks” explains Marco De’Micheli, head of the fashion design department, “each student will be submitting their proposals for the year-end collections to be presented on the catwalk.” September is also the month in which the new students arrive, often from other countries. An exciting period in which new friendships are sure to bloom. (Lof)