Photography, double the students

Four areas for a complete training

Photography, double the students

In an historical period in which it is far to easy to take photographs, the Photography course, this year registers an increase in enrolments, restarts with a composite offer divided into four macro areas: Traditional photography, Digital photography, Fashion photography, Still life, Interior photography, Landscape, Portrait, Photo journalism, Lighting, Digital elaboration of the photographic image, Technology of new materials, Video design, Portfolio.

The teachers are 15, 6 for photography (Dario Orlandi, Lorenzo Michelini, Letizia Francini Naldi, Paolo Colaiocco, Franco Fiesoli, Mariasole Gozzoli).
From the teachings in the Graphic and Communication area, the students will learn project design methodology and Communications and advertising, just to name a few, while from the area of ​​Culture of the image it starts from the History of photography and of contemporary art to arrive at more researched teachings such as the Theory of perception and psychology of forms. Finally, the fourth area, Theory and method of mass media, among the subjects, Foreign language, Law and economics of entertainment, Computing. Lof