Gianni Quaranta nominated Honorary President of the Accademia Italiana

school in Rome

Gianni Quaranta nominated Honorary President of the Accademia Italiana

school in Rome

The Accademia Italiana in Rome together with the creative genius of Gianni Quaranta, internationally famous Set Designer and winner of Academy awards (Oscar), has for long worked with students and participated in the life of the Accademia Italiana.

Gianni Quaranta has now been elected Honorary President of the school in Rome. The new academic year will open with this big surprise and students will now be able to count on the support of this great master of cinema and entertainment to meet the world of design and fashion.

Gianni Quaranta is also a notable figure in the field of design, demonstrating an artistic talent that he is keen to share with the students.

He designed the Pyramid of Excellence, an award that AI students annually present at the end of the academic year event, to innovative designers and international companies that are on the look out for new talents.

The experience and the personality of this great Italian set designer will certainly be guiding the talents of the young students in search of a creative future.

We asked Gianni Quaranta some questions on the future of the Accademia Italiana and its students.

Now that you have been elected Honorary President, what contribution do you intend to give to the Accademia?
The purpose of my presence is to enhance the value of the Accademia Italiana that is already considered to be one of the best internationally. My contribution will be to guarantee the quality of teaching and to bring the Accademia into contact with important personalities in the world of entertainment with whom I am in contact. Besides this, I will also take the students to visit the places where they will one day find work in theatre, in costume design studios, in film making studios and/or in artistic laboratories. Already many students from the Accademia Italiana have important positions in these sectors; for example, those working at the Opera House and the theatrical costume design studio Tirelli, etc.

You have now been following the work of the Accademia Italiana for many years, what do you think of the results obtained?
I think that the level is now very high; I remember that some of the students entering the Accademia didn't even know how to draw and now they are capable of designing excellent projects.

Has there been a particular aim that has guided you in your career that, as Honorary President, you would like to suggest to the students?
One of the reasons for my appointment is precisely this. I would like to share my experiences with them. I have been lucky and I have met many important people in my career; I will be very happy to give the students a hand so that they too can achieve success as I did.

What do you hope for the future of the students?
I would, one day, like to say "that was my student"!

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