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From the President to the schools of fashion, design and photography and to all the friends of the Accademia Italiana

New Year's greetings

2013 is underway. Best wishes for the New Year to all the schools of design, fashion and photography, to all the workers who have sustained the projects of the Accademia Italiana, to all students of the courses of photography, fashion, interior design, graphic design, costume, jewelry and window displays design.


To the instructors of the Accademia Italiana in Rome and in Florence, to the friends at the Bangkok school, to the universities with whom we have established strong ties and to the Institutes with whom we have opened new collaborative relations, to the staff and collaborators, to the partners of our various projects in the USA, in Asia, Europe and all over the world.

The Accademia Italiana continues its journey, always focusing its attention on its main mission: guiding youth in their formative growth, in the research and development of a professionalism applied to the areas of design, fashion and the visual image. For 2013 the school has many projects planned and we will certainly have the opportunity to speak more of these over the next weeks.

One preview I would like to give you: for us the New Year opens under the sign of creativity with international design projects where the design will be confronted with ethical and sustainable development. This is certainly a choice that must be made, the best way to move forward within a global market with a specific message, in which the push for economic development, obviously sought after and hoped for, can go hand in hand with choices that come from the heart. In just a few words, for everyone, a message full of best wishes for prosperity and love.