Tommaso Baj: importante riconoscimento all'ottava edizione del "Lucky Strike Award"

Tommaso Baj

Important recognition at the 8th edition of the "Lucky Strike Award"

The design contest open to students and recent graduates in all design fields was created and promoted by the Raymond Loewy Foundation Italy with the aim of stimulating support for young creative talents in the design area.


In addition to the award winners ten honorable mentions were chosen as the most innovative projects. Among these was "IRONIT CECI N'EST PAS QU' UNE TABLE", the fusion of a traditional table with an ironing board, designed by Tommaso Baj, graduate of the bachelor's degree program in Interior and Product Design at the Accademia Italiana Arte Moda & Design in Florence.

The organizers of this eighth edition of the "Lucky Strike Talented Designer Award" received 246 projects compared with the 128 of the 2011 contest. Students and graduates of universities and design institutes from all over Italy participated in the contest.