Dance and Fashion against Anorexia

Accademia Italiana in the Aidaf Awareness Campaign

Dance and Fashion against Anorexia

The national awareness campaign against anorexia takes off in Florence interpreted through the dance-fashion union.

It is within the traditional Danzainfiera festival, the performance on Sunday 1st March at the Fortezza da Basso, interpreted by the dancers’ Cosi Stefanescu, from the Classical Ballet Company, E. Sperimenti GDO from the Adriana Cava Jazz Ballet Company, for whom the costumes were designed by students from the Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design in Florence. The theme of the performance: Dance and Fashion, a Tribute to Beauty. A strong message to signify the fight against food disorders that effect many young people and that often is identified erroneously, with certain work environments such as fashion and dance, in which many adolescents circulate. On the contrary, the campaign wants to affirm the principle that without a healthy body there is no beauty and it is not possible to dance. The performance puts the emphasis on the awareness campaign against anorexia promoted by Aidaf, an association that with the ballet federation Agis brings together the dance schools, Agiscuola and the children’s hospital Bambin Gesù in Rome. Introducing the performance on Sunday 1st March will be Amalia Salzano, President of Aidaf; Vincenzo Giubba, President of the Accademia Italiana and Liliana Cosi, famous ballet dancer. The future stylists of the Accademia Italiana have designed their creations according to the type of dance: from classical to jazz, from contemporary to hip hop.