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Stories from the past and tales of present

Circuito Marconi Tour

A walk in the art and in the hidden urban creativity in Rome.


Circuito Marconi Tour was created by a group of volunteers in order to let citizens relive the artistic experience of Marconi Arena, surprisingly rich of small and large cultural and artistic operators, by a walk through the oldest place to whom artisans and performers gave new life with their works. 

Accademia Italiana was the starting point of “Circuito Marconi Tour”, attended by more than 100 visitors in two turns in neighbourhood Marconi. 

The visitors, accompanied by guide’s information, got the chance to know all the neightbourhood’s artistic realities, architectural and design firms, showrooms, communication’s offices in the area, ready to welcome all the visitors and to tell them its activities. 

Accademia Italiana had a key part in the tour, giving the possibility to let visitors know its spaces and laboratories, outstanding chairmanship of Educational Director and contributing at the mission to promote and revaluate Marconi’s urban areas, reconfirming itself as a vital step to the success of Circuito Marconi Tour.