Tastes of Still Life from Eataly
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From July 15 a photographic exhibition

Tastes of Still Life from Eataly

Ingredients and typical dishes from the Italian gastronomic tradition as though they were paintings on canvas.


Cutting boards like palettes, food like colors. The photographs, taken by a group of students in the Photography program at the Accademia Italiana and coordinated by Professor Lorenzo Michelini, will be on display at Eataly beginning on July 15. These images capture good food and healthy eating, proven strengths of the Eataly world. The various rooms have been prepared with themed gastronomic journeys: culinary proposals that are set against images and products in alternating colors and tastes that capture the visitor. The photographs were taken by the students Asia Banchi, Francesco Bianchini, Sara Cangini, Liang Shilin, Federica Pieraccioli, Gloria Rwayitare, and Vincenzo Viggiano. The graphic design project was done by Camilla Macerini. Lof