Marilyn in Fashion

Marilyn in Fashion
Marilyn in Fashion

In occasion of the week of Altaroma, the Accademia Italana Arte Moda Design in Rome presents Marilyn in Fashion and presented from July 5th in the exhibition spaces at the Palazzo degli Esami in Rome "Imperdibile Marilyn.

A project created by the designer Cristian Luongo, who graduated in 2014 at the Academia and coordinated by Ilenia Alesse, Course Leader of the First Level Academic Diploma Fashion Design (accredited by MIUR, D.M.n.76 in February 2013).

The fashion designer, inspired by the glamor and vogue style of the 1950's, has created dresses that contain the essence of the muse, as well as the eternal icon of Marilyn Monroe's femininity and fashion. The dresses are entirely embroidered with crystals and glass beads and feature large and fascinating structures that embody the Hollywood celebrities and their passions. The use of fluid fabrics, from transparent silk to rigid taffeta and the lightness of triple organza, are an evident reminder of the elegance and sensuality of that period, whilst the tailoring aspect are those of today. Many years since her death, Marilyn's myth still influences today, the style, the icon of beauty, and the decreed trends by just a few elements that are enough to characterize and make them unique.


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