Accademia Italiana supports electronic music
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Nextech festival 2013

Accademia Italiana supports electronic music

A megavideo at the Fortezza da Basso relates the thirty year history of the Accademia Italiana and offers proof of the professionality of the students of the school in Piazza Pitti that takes this opportunity to show a series of videoclips that were created during the past academic year.


The occasion is the 7th edition of the “Nextech Festival”, a super celebration of electronic music that will wrap up at the Cavaniglia pavilion of the Fortezza da Basso at 8 pm.
Every year the school of Art, Fashion and Design supports this show dedicated to a young music fams.
An all-techno night with the Enlgishman Dave Clarke, the German, Len FAki and the Siberian Nina Kraviz.

During the past evenings the performances were held at the Vanni Hall of the Odeon Theater in Florence, at the Viper Theater and at the Full music club.