The roman school promotes the students


The roman school promotes the students

OPENING: Thursday 28/03 hrs 16:00 (opening event)

CLOSING: Friday 29/03 hrs 18:00

What? Photography exhibition by the students in the Accademia Italiana Photography Department

Where? Conference Room of the Accademia Italiana, Piazza della Radio 46, Roma


Accademia Italiana, Arte, Moda, Design presents the first edition of the “Accademia Italiana Photo Exhibition”. The exhibition has been entirely organized by the students in the Photography Department coordinated by Prof. Tania Alineri.

Composed of twelve photographs, the Accademia Italiana Photo Exhibition wants to propose to the visitor different themes that deal with and immortalize sensations, reflections and thoughts of the authors through different photographic techniques: from portraits to landscape, from black and white to color, from darkness to light.

The students propose an exhibition without a common theme that gives space to individual creativity, creating a unique event of its kind in which each artist expresses and communicates his personal vision of reality through his own lens.

Exhibition photographers:

Agostino Maria Domanico

Alessandro Maria Rapesta

Carlotta Arioni

Filomena Emanuela Avino

Francesca Fabio

Gabriele Dylan De Simone

Kumar Hemanth Thokala

Marco Ricciardi Tenore

Nathaniel Chola

Olena Shylo

Paola Pollina

Valeria Castellano

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